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Everest Homes Dining Room
Bathroom Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
Bright & Colorful Kids Room
Organized Closet


True customization is really about understanding the choices that appeal to an individual’s taste and style. Everest Homes understands this concept. Our online Design Studio was built to inspire creativity and ideas by providing homebuyers with a vast array of choices to ensure every home is designed to the personal tastes of each homebuyer.


Our experienced design team will walk you through selections for every aspect of your home, including roofing, brick or stucco, windows, doors, hardware, insulation, water heaters, HVAC systems, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, stain finishes and even home organization.


Every room of your new home will go through a design and selection process to ensure your new home will be completely and uniquely yours. Whether you are passionate about themed rooms for your children, a home theater, game room or outdoor living space, our design process will lead you through endless possibilities that is the essence of the Everest Homes difference. 

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