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why choose everest homes?


There are a lot of experienced custom home builders to choose from in El Paso, but few have the ability to provide the personal attention that you will receive at Everest Homes. We build custom homes one at a time, one client at a time. With over 20 years of home building experience, you can expect detailed design, quality construction, professionalism and a high standard of excellence.


A new home requires over 29 sub-contracting processes and is comprised of hundreds of products. Building a home is one of the most complicated production processes there is. To successfully build a quality, well designed home, attention to detail is critical. To accomplish this, our strategy is simple - deploy quality-focused, experienced subcontractors and use a hands-on project management approach.  


Everest Homes believes home buying isn’t a transaction - it’s a relationship. Our homebuyers will be our customers well after we hand over the keys. We stand behind every home we build and are always available to provide service and guidance in the maintenance of your home. Whether this is your first home, next home, or your last home, we want to be the company you think of. To earn that privilege, service after the sale is our commitment to every Everest Homes client.   


Personalization is about understanding a client’s needs and budget, then working closely with them to determine their preferences, tastes and style. When you choose Everest Homes, we will take as much time as we need to create a home that is truly personalized  and uniquely yours.


An Everest Home isn’t for everyone. As a boutique builder we specialize in creating homes that are as individual as the people who buy them. To create customized homes, collaboration with the homebuyer is essential. Everest Homes is passionate about working with our clients to understand their needs, their budget, and their vision.    

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